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Hi, I'm John Grant and 

Over the years, I have helped many amazing people make total transformations both personally and professionally. My book, “The Unstoppable Mindset for Health: How to Have Abundant Vitality Daily, Live at Your Full Potential and Eliminate Type 2 Diabetes”, is one of my proudest accomplishments. 

As a life, performance and results coach, I have been privileged to guide others to find their own Unstoppable Mindset and take charge of their lives. . 

When I speak about taking charge of your life and health, I do so with plenty of personal experience. I am proud to say that I lost over 45 pounds and won my battle against Type 2 Diabetes. 

My own struggles have led me to renewed passion for helping others improve their health, both mentally and physically. As someone who overcame a horrible relationship with food, I can teach what you need to know to reach your health and fitness goals. 

I give guidance about body and mind.

I provide accountability for your relationships, career or business.

The "90 Day Deal With Yourself" Course

This 90 day course was designed to provide a virtual accountability coach that provides daily mindset and motivation to help you stay on track to reach your goals. 

Each video from day one to day 90 has specific mindset actions and concepts that are laid out in a unique way.

We gradually introduce you to your 90 Day Deal With Yourself and take you through the first week introducing key concepts that make lifestyle change stick. It is about preparation being confidences twin.

The next two weeks we establish an overview and the level of intensity will increase as you feel your body, mind and spirit shift to being Unstoppable.

As results begin to build into momentum and your confidence grows you naturally want more results of feeling better, looking healthier, having more energy and vitality. Taking inspiring action daily leads you to wanting more results and sustaining the healthier you that is materializing before you.

This is what I want you to experience. That is why I'm giving you my 90 days course normally sold for $497 whether you decide to work with me or not. I know it can help you on the path to a healthier happier you. Please schedule a call with me. I guarantee you will not feel any pressure to buy anything but you will leave with a clearer mindset and a free course.


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